Pianist Katarzyna Borek on her album ‘Space in Between’ combines her passion for virtuosic and sound experiments. She has created a personal compilation of modern compositions, and by doing so, took music into cosmic space. The album was released in May 2016 by an independent label held by an outstanding jazz pianist Leszek Możdzer – BITTT  Records.  The album is considered by many music critics as one of the best and most intriguing CDs released in 2016.

On Space in Between we will find a superb selection of neoclassical, ambient tunes and compositions of various composers: Arvo Part, John Cage, Ludovico Einaudi, Craig Armstrong, John Adams, Takashi Yoshimatsu, Joaquin Rodrigo, and Manuel de Falla. Between the pieces, we hear sounds of the planets and stars registered by Space Voyager. Even these sounds alone, create a wonderful and unique musical space. On Space in Between Katarzyna Borek dedicates a piece of the Universe to each composer. The key component on this album is the piano, often prepared and treated with electronic effects. This all will take you on a cosmic journey. As you listen on, the sound of piano and space become one and the main idea behind the album will reveal itself.

“I discover the cosmos through music while the cosmos reveals music to me. “Space in Between” is based on my concept, in which I have collected special compositions written by various modern composers. Most of these compositions are in a mantric and minimalistic style. What connects them is their astral and ambient characteristic. I also built a few of these arrangements with beautiful neo-classical sounding melodies on two instruments: a rhodes and a piano. The track that closes the album is the electronic impression of the mythical Planet X” – says Katarzyna.

Concert “Space in Between” is exploring the interaction of piano sound and visuals (VJ), becoming a musical spectacle. It will be a great voyage for fans of piano, ambient sounds or any music lover.


Katarzyna Borek, fot. Łukasz Gawroński, Sylwia Cegielna

Katarzyna Borek, phot. Łukasz Gawroński, Sylwia Cegielna

The Programme:

1 – Uranus for Craig Armstrong (The Weather Storm)
2 – Earth for Manuel de Falla (Asturiana) arr. for Piano & Rhodes by Katarzyna Borek
3 – Saturn for Craig Armstrong (Fugue)
4 – Jupiter for Arvo Part (Fur Alina)
5 – The Moon for John Adams (China Gates)
6 – Rings of Uranus for Ludovico Einaudi (Ascolta)
7 – Piano Folio to a disappeared Pleiade (Takashi Yoshimatsu)
8 – Rings of Saturn for Joaquin Rodrigo (En Aranjuez con Tu Amor), arr. for Piano & Rhodes by Katarzyna Borek
9 – ‘Globular Romance’ from Pleiades Dances (Takashi Yoshimatsu)
10 – Neptune for John Cage (In a Landscape)
11 -“Planet X” (Katarzyna Borek / on the cd album version – Katarzyna Borek & Vojto Monteur – synths)





“(…) her material had to gain profundity and space yet it’s not the only merit of original compositions and sounds from outer space but her open approach to the interpretation of classics which in this form should be to liking of everyone who isn’t afraid of dreaming who at least once admired starry sky in silence.”
Tape recorder Newspaper / Tomek Doksa


“It’s music that can open many new areas of your brain, change the perspective, colour situations in which we listen to it. It’s due to minimalism and breathing between piano keys, the space that is generated by recordings from cosmos. Katarzyna Borek is a pianist of great sensitivity and artistic intuition and knowledge what clearly shows conversation with her. But not only. The repertoire of her latest album “Space in Between” and choice testifies the ability to find connections between seemingly distant stylists or minds of composers.”
Vice / Katarzyna Paluch


“I was very pleased with the appearance of two recordings “The weather storm” and “Fugue” of Craig Armstrong – Scottish film music composer and pianist. Katarzyna Borek worked on compositions from his solo publications. I was particularly impressed by her interpretation of “Fugue”. The artist also came up in a very interesting way to the creation of John Adams, John Cage (composition “In A Landscape, 1948) and Takashi Yoshimatsu (virtuosity but with a great sense). In my opinion “Space in Between” perfectly matches the climate of Denovali’s outbuilding because as we know German publishers like inconspicuous, thoughtful and fresh approach to modern piano playing.”
New Music / Łukasz Komła


“The whole record is worth hearing through necessarily in full and in comfortable conditions due to the large range of the recorded signal. Let’s not look for jazz in this proposal because it’s not there. Though the attitude of the creators who by skillful compilation are aiming to create new quality in another “space-time” dimension strikingly resembles the attitude of some contemporary jazz visionaries. By the way, Katarzyna Borek’s previous recordings, as well as her plans for the future, indicate that she carries potential that can clearly bring her closer to the jazz stage what we cordially wish her”. Read more:
‘Jaazzforum’ set the album “Space in between” as the record of the month.
Jazzforum.pl / Tomasz Szachowski


“Space In Between is a record which I can already courageously add to the list of one of the best records in 2016. The pianist brought together (neo) classicism, the music straight from films or ambient music. All this, however, was supplemented with something very special because apart from beautiful (absolutely beautiful music) we can also listen to … the sounds of space.”


“With her new solo album, Borek continues the path of experiment and enters the interplanetary level. “Space in Between” is an example of how different compositions can be reached and presented according to one’s own idea. This record is minimalist in terms of music and graphic (black and white digipack) but really cosmic when it comes to its influence on our imagination.”
AxunArts/Mateusz Kołodziej


“The album arouses a hypnotic mood which we also owe to the selected works and their arrangements: in minimalist even mantric style and ambient, spatial character. It certainly allows for reflection and dreams about the universe. Additionally used instruments – prepared and electronically styled grand piano as well as rhodes piano – they both introduce mystery and mood. Through the music performed and arranged by Katarzyna Borek we can set out on unusual even cosmic expedition because the album “Space in Between” is a real cosmos – metaphorically and literally!”
Meakultura/Anna Kruszyńska


CD Order:

PIGASUS GALLERY (Berlin), BANDCAMP (electronic), KURANT (Cracow), BITTT (Net),  SIDEONE (Warsaw), DEMOLIKA: (Wroclaw), MUSICCORNER (Cracow)

First single of album “Space in Between”



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