KATARZYNA BOREK (music improvisation)

Turned on and off:

“Improvisations” is an authorial series of theatre performances created by Agata Duda – Gracz, performed live. Performances took place from January 2015 to January 2016 on the stage of “Capitol Musical Theatre” Scene in Wroclaw/Poland, where the absolute cream of the society of Polish theatre appeared. Invited artists improvised on the topic indicated in the letter. The author of the letter is Agata Duda – Gracz. The actors received it just before the audience came and each of them knew only the task assigned to him. Using their skills the guests of improvisation create a one – off and unique event. -I would like to show not a show off not a display but a piece of the workshop, something that happens usually in the intimate space of rehearsal room and is one of the most interesting things in the theatre – searching – says Agata Duda – Gracz . The audience gets to know the content of letters with hints only after the end of the show. The author of the series is Agata Duda – Gracz, director, stage designer, screenwriter. Her theatre is compared by drama critics to the theatre of Józef Szajna and Tadeusz Kantor: fully authorial from script through a vivid vision, costumes, makeup up to direction.

Date: June 9 Category: Theatre music